she is dope

she’s crazy

she’s funny

she’s loud

she’s herself

she’s a black women

she loves food

she loves family and friends

she’s me period

Who is dequasha? Dequasha is a young black women trying to get by everyday. A young lady who don’t got time for the mess who need to make it out the hood who’s is about to change the game. Dequasha means strong, beautiful and bold women. Dequasha can be the nicest person you ever met or the meanest.

One thing that i want to leave on the world is that we all are the same. Why should we hate each other based on our skin. As a black young lady is hard because it’s hard for people to understand what we go though. Do you know what thuglife means? Its means the hate you give little infens f everybody. Still don’t get it. Well i’ll give you an example: if you dad was a drug dealer and beat your mama and did they same thing to you then 9 times out of ten your going to repeat the same thing. That’s why i want change for the little ones the ones who have seen to much the ones have been raised the wrong way.You want to know why because on my 13 years of being on this earth i have seen way to much and that’s why i need to change the game so the little ones don’t have to only thing they have to worry about is being a little kid