My name is KiAsiya Shockency, I am (almost) 13 years old and I am in middle school. There are many parts to me, or so I like to believe. Firstly, I am biracial: Korean and African American. I am made up of, not one culture, but two. I also like to sing and listen to other people sing. My favorite hobby is finding new or rising artists and supporting them in whatever ways I can. I specifically like listening to rising artists who are black/colored women because they deserve appreciation too. Often times I find myself behind my camera, snapping photos of whatever I see that catches my attention. I can find beauty in anything and everything, from a field of lavender to a puddle on the sidewalk. I can’t say I’m an exceptional artist, but sometimes I like to draw the pictures I take. It’s sort of like a little collaboration with myself. Sometimes, I l tend to jot down random things that happen throughout the day, after I finish my classwork or just whenever I have nothing else to do. Anything is worth writing about, though I often have trouble finding a good way to express myself.

So who am I? It depends on what kind of answer you’re looking for.

I see me in you.