Writing Prompt

Who is Zerahiah. I’m a girl with dreams. A girl who love to be successful. A girl who try her best to be the best. A girl who doesn’t want to work for people. I don’t see myself as a girl. I see a person with power. Many kids wake up ready to play around all day. But when I wake up I think of my way to make my dreams come true. Many kids wish on a shooting star or 11:11 to come around for their dreams comes true

      They say my generation is the worst. That we never going to make it life. I feel like if you feel that way try to change it. Stop putting people down and lift them up. I’m a person who cares about my future. I was 5 years old planning my life. Since then my dreams haven’t changed. I want to show the world that you can be a kid and still change the world and how people look at us.

    I HATE when people say your just a kid you can’t do anything about it. Yall say that but without us there is no next generation of life. We are next in line. Maybe if everyone prepared their kids to be ready for the future many kids wouldn’t be like this. I want to inspire kids to follow their dreams and believe that there is no age limit to start your career. I want to change the world not just for me. I spend my time more of a grown up then a kid. I have a old soul. I think about how i could impact my life and other peoples.